Just How Secure Are Your Electronic Medical Records?

More and more doctors and medical facilities are using electronic medical records.  The soon (hopefully not) to be implemented health care law will require electronic medical records for everyone.  But just how secure will the electronic medical records be?

If you lived in Lawrenceville Georgia, you would seriously be questioning the security of the Gwinnett Medical Center’s IT systems today.  The Gwinnett Medical Center which is located near Atlanta, had to shut down the majority of their network yesterday.

The medical center’s network was infected with a virus.  This could have been caused by a variety of reasons, such as system which had not been updated or a user doing something that they shouldn’t be doing.  Regardless of the reason, this was a major incident, affected a lot of people and in a facility which focuses on saving lives.

One would think that the fault lies with the people running the IT department.  While this is a possibility, most people outside of the medical IT field are unaware that many medical devices use standard operating systems such as Windows.  While this is not necessarily a bad thing, the makers of these medical devices prohibit keeping the systems updated with the latest patches; this is a horrible practice and one which temps disaster.

Why would any company, especially one which designs and builds medical equipment forbid updating their equipment?  Their concern is the devices may no longer work.  This is so contrary to common sense it is hard to believe.

Unfortunately caveat emptor, is meaningless here as once the government gets involved and forces organizations to use certain systems, the situation is out of our control!

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