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Is Flash Burnt Out?

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

For many years web designers have been using Adobe’s Flash as a way to enhance the look of websites.  Programming with Flash provides some very unique and interesting content.  Disney is an excellent example of a company which utilizes Flash to greatly enhance their website.

But as of recently, more and more issues are arising from the use of Flash.  There have been several security flaws which compromised computers.  Just last month there were lawsuits filed against companies for using zombie cookies in Flash.  Some of the companies included ESPN, Disney, Hulu, MTV, ABC, and NBC.

In addition to that, there has been the rift between Apple and Adobe over the use or non-use of Flash in iPhones and iPads.  Apple will not use Flash in any of its devices.

There are many other mobile devices such as BlackBerrys and Androids on the market which do not use Flash.  And with the rise in use of all these mobile devices, companies need to create two versions of their website if they want to use Flash, thus increasing costs.

So the question is: Is it still worthwhile to use Flash?

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