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Can a Smartphone Take Down Our Country’s Security Defenses?

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

According the the Code Research Consultancy, wireless use of data is expected to increase by forty times within the next four years.  A company called LightSquared has developed technology to capitalize on this trend.  Apparently though, this wireless technology for smartphones could cause major disruptions with GPS satellites.

According to an article which appears on, the FCC is concerned that this technology could possibly disable GPS systems.  The ramifications include disruption to the air traffic control system, the military’s ability to keep track of and deploy resources, and prevent local emergency services from correctly getting to the correct residence.

If our military is susceptible to such new technologies employed by a company to do good, what could be done by a country wishing to do us harm?  Could someone with a smartphone take down an aircraft by simply accessing an app?

This article was written by The Boss of HITman Services, a computer and IT company, based in Clifton Park and serving the Albany, Troy, Schenectady and Saratoga Counties of New York.

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