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Breach Found in Android Password Security App

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

One of the area which I believe Android phones are lacking is in security, especially when compared against BlackBerry devices.

A few weeks ago I began researching options to enhance the security of my Samsung Fascinate Galaxy S phone.  Several articles from well know and established magazines and Internet sites all had on their list a specific application, which I purchased and have been using for about ten days.

Yesterday I discovered a way to get around the security.  Last night I thought I found another way to bypass the security and tested my theory this morning, and it was another security flaw.

I wrote the company last night and will wait a week to see if the company responds before releasing their name.

A major point to be taken from this is many magazines and review sites do perfunctory evaluations.  In order to do a proper assessment, time must be spent.  Not an hour or two, but a substantial amount over an extended period.  It is the only way to do justice to the people who value their opinions.

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