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Even Extremely Smart People Don’t Know Everything

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

I don’t watch a lot of TV.  Typically if a program or show is not on Fox News or Fox Business I don’t get to see it.  An exception is Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice.  What I appreciate about Donald Trump’s Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice is there are business insights to be learned.  This week’s episode drilled into me the fact that even extremely smart people don’t know everything and can still learn.

This season the remaining members of the men’s team include; John Rich, Lil Jon and Meatloaf.  My prior impression of these men (with the exception of Lil Jon as I did not know about him) was that they are entertainers.  After watching the episodes, I have come away with a new appreciation for them, their creativity and intelligence.  These are truly talented and brilliant men.

One of the assignments they were given was to create a marketing piece for the Trump hotels.  The criteria included a four page advertising spread which could be used as one while each page needed the ability to be stand alone.  They were being judged on their advertising piece and their presentation, by a senior member of the Trump hotel organization and Saveur magazine.

In the meeting Donald Trump had with the COO of his hotels and the gentleman from Saveur, it was determined that neither the men’s team nor woman’s team won; it was which team didn’t do the worst job.  This was amazing as the business acumen these men have is expansive.

John Rich and Lil Jon went over every word in the advertisements for spelling errors, yet missed one.  People may think why didn’t just use a spell checker, but I can say from personal experience of composing this blog along with other articles, it is easy for something to slip by, which is why it is always better to have as many sets of eyes on something as possible. But that is not the main reason the piece was ripped apart by Donald and Eric Trump.

The primary cause of their failure was the absence of contact information and a call to action.  As most of us in business know, having a website address and a phone number on piece of literature and information is crucial.  And not having a call to action is just wasting space and money.

This just demonstrates that no matter how smart a person (or persons) may be, they can still make mistakes.

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