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Fascinated for a Week Part 1

Friday, October 8th, 2010

For my summer retreat this year I was considering going minimalistic, sans notebook computer.  As I was going to be away for eight days, it was important the device I would bring was up to the task.  My smartphone days go back to when Palm dominated the industry, so I have a fair amount of experience when it comes to PDA’s and smartphones.

A couple of weeks before going I had concerns that the smartphone I was using at the time, a Samsung Omnia II, wouldn’t be sufficient if indeed I did not travel with a notebook.  Thus my search for a new PDA started.  As Mr. T (aka Mike) was also looking for a new phone, we hit the Verizon Wireless store together after lunch at Panera Bread in Clifton Park.

We focused on four phones, the HTC Incredible, the Samsung Fascinate, the Motorola Droid 2, and Motorola Droid X. We didn’t look at the BlackBerry Tour, Storm 2 or Palm Pre as I previously had those and Mr. T had a Storm.

While I like physical keyboards, I wasn’t thrilled with the one on the Droid 2, also when comparing the screen size to the Fascinate and Droid X, it was lacking.  Mr. T was of the same opinion.  The speed on the incredible was impressive, as was Swype, though with the smaller 3.7″ screen, it was at a disadvantage.

That left Motorola’s Droid X to battle it out with the Samsung Fascinate. Both Mr. T and I thought the display on the Fascinate was superior.  We were also a little concerned that the Droid X was just a tad too large. The fact that the Fascinate had Swype was icing on the cake.  Each of us decided that was the phone to get.

Stay tuned for part 2.

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On The Road With The BlackBerry Storm 2

Friday, April 9th, 2010

During the past week I had the opportunity to take a couple of out of town trips and decided to use my BlackBerry Storm 2 for my GPS.

In preparation I ordered an Amzer Gooseneck vehicle mount.  The suction cup on this bracket is extremely strong and placing the Storm in it easy and is held very securely.  Attachment of the power cord is also convenient.

There are several areas within the Town of Clifton Park, New York which have very poor cellular reception.  Even in portions of the Town which are weak, the Garmin never lost reception.

Over the past years I tested GPS software from Verizon Wireless, Telenav and Garmin.  There are pros and cons to each.  The system I settled on is the Garmin for BlackBerry.  While it may not have some features of the VZ Navigator or Telenav, there is a one-time cost of about $90.00 vs. $10.00 per month for the others.  The Garmin has been precise and has acquired a satellite signal 100% of the time.  Additionally, the directions have been accurate, something I can’t say for the VZ Navigator.

My vehicle is equipped with Sync, which works exceptionally well.  While making and receiving calls changes the screen from navigation to phone, it is easy to get the navigation screen on, while still talking on the phone.  The only time an incoming call created an issue, was when the unit had been on for over an hour with no input.  When the system reverted back to the navigation screen after the call was completed, the phone went into lock mode as that is the default I have setup.  If the call had not come in, the navigation would have continued to work even without any input to the screen.

For those seeking a one device solution while traveling, the BlackBerry Storm 2 with Garmin software loaded is an effective solution.

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