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Friday, February 5th, 2010

Recently I have been having a go around with my BlackBerry Tour and a BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server). I am a big fan of the BlackBerry interface, as I believe they got a lot right. Switching between tasks handling email and appointments and other items which need to be addressed throughout the day, makes the BlackBerry a worthy tool. However this past week we implemented a BES server to sync our Microsoft Exchange accounts. The ability to browse folders on the BES server from my BlackBerry is very handy, however RIM’s (Research In Motion) policy is only a 2 week retention for calendar entries. Since my calendar dates back substantially longer than 2 weeks, this posed a big problem.

So at the moment I had to bench my BlackBerry Tour and am trying an HTC Imagio.  I am using Active Sync for the connection between my HTC Imagio and our Exchange Server.  One issue which has been resolved is the ability to set the retention policy for calendar entries.  At first use though, it looks like I may have to give up quite a bit in functionality.


I have been able to restore all calendar entries to a BlackBerry Curve using the following procedure.

First I set the BlackBerry Calendar option to keep appointments forever, then I disabled the Wireless Synchronization on the BlackBerry.  Next I connected the BlackBerry to the BlackBerry Desktop Manager I set the Desktop Synchronization to only the calendar entries and to transfer all of them.  I then ran the synchronization.