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Cloud Document Storing and Sharing

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Millions of people rely upon cloud services as a method for storing and sharing documents.  Another benefit to using the Cloud to store documents is it provides acces to work on the documents from multiple devices, such as Android based smart phones, iPhones, iPads and computers.

When looking for a good solution you need to determine who you will be sharing the documents with.  Will you be storing confidential information?  If another party got access to the documents, would that be an issue? These are just a few of the questions to ask before committing to a given solution.

Looking at many of the offerings you will find that most all promote the fact that they use SSL encryption for data transfer.  While SSL encryption is good, it is not a total solution.  What happens once the data gets to the server?  Is it encrypted there?  Who else can gain access to your files?  And are the files truly yours?  If the servers are located in a different county, data stored on them falls under the laws of that country.

The cloud can be a great asset or it could become a major liability.  Like all things in life, there is good and bad and we must do our best to protect ourselves and the people we work for.  Convenience is great but there may be consequences for that ease of use.

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Data Disasters

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Data is a critical and key component to business and data disasters can strike without a moments notice.  The statistics are very grim for business which don’t prepare for the inevitable, as many never survive.

Many people I talk with regarding business security and continuity are poorly prepared in the event they lose their data.  Computers get hacked, hard drives and other components fail; folders and files get deleted; and computers get stolen.

Several months ago we received a call from a client with a critical issue.  The controller was working on her financial spreadsheets.  She decided to clean up the folder on the server and inadvertently deleted all of the spreadsheets.

As our client had been running our HITman Safe System, we were able to retrieve every spreadsheet very quickly.  We verified the versions were correct and there was no data lost.

While the controller is very good with computers, stuff just happens and mistakes get made.  As long as the proper plans and procedures are in place to mitigate damages, we can usually come through ok.

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This article was written by The Boss of HITman Services, a computer and IT company, based in Clifton Park and serving the Albany, Troy, Schenectady and Saratoga Counties of New York.