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Data Loss and Your Risk

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

It seems as though not a week goes by that there is not some news regarding a major system breach.  The government in it’s infinite wisdom, has created new regulations which could put a small business out of business in the event they have a security problem.  The interesting part about this, is many of the most severe computer break-ins happen in the government!

Smartphones are increasingly being used in business.  People who would not have given a second look to these years ago, have now joined the bandwagon. And now that they have a smartphone, they naturally need to have access to their company information.  They regularly send documents and spreadsheets from the office to their mobile devices.  While email is far from secure, the main concern when information is received on the smartphone, is its portability is also a very weak link.

Most never realize the implications they and their company will face if their they are the cause of personally identifiable information getting out.  How many people set pass codes on their devices?  How many encrypt their data?

I was talking with a client a few months ago and she mentioned that she has lost her mobile device in the past.  Several years ago I was in a conversation with a person who served on a board with me, and he said a person he  knew lost a laptop with medical information on it.  He also said there was no protection on the notebook.

If you carry a mobile device it is your obligation to make sure it is secure.  If someone got their hands on it, at that point it becomes very easy for them to create a social engineering attack on you and those whose information is on your device.  If the identity theft is against you, you’re the one who is going to be spending countless hours on correcting the situation.  If the identity theft is against someone else and you are listed as the cause, you could be facing thousands and thousands of dollars in fines.

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