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It’s Time For a New Smartphone, But You’re on State Contract

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Late last week I had a conversation with one of our clients regarding upgrading their smartphones.  As they are on state contract, their options aren’t as broad as those who pay full price for new devices.  Entities which can take advantage of the New York State Contract, are limited to getting phones which are technically one year old.  While they are new phones, they are not the latest model of smartphones.

Currently the smartphones which are in use at our client’s are BlackBerrys.  While they have served them well for the past year, I have recommended they move to the Android platform.  BlackBerrys have been for the most part very reliable.  However the advantage they once held with push technology is now gone as Microsoft’s Sync has caught up.  Add to that the unlimited texting option offered by Verizon Wireless and that takes away any advantage the BlackBerry Messenger had.

While there are plenty of apps for the BlackBerry and companies continue to write for them; there is no denying the popularity of the Android operating system and its proliferation in the marketplace.  Also a business or organization does not need to use a BlackBerry Internet Server and the associated licensing to get push email, calendars, contacts, etc.

The options available to our client are the Motorola Droid 2 and the Motorola Pro.  Both are good choices for business use; the Droid 2 offering a larger screen with a slide-out keyboard in landscape mode; and the Droid Pro more the style of typical BlackBerry.  While many people are able to type quickly using a virtual keyboard, in my opinion most people find it easier to use a physical keyboard for lengthy emails, notes, documents, etc.  Plus if you use a lot of complex passwords, a physical keyboard is tough to beat.

This article was written by The Boss of HITman Services, a computer and IT company, based in Clifton Park and serving the Albany, Troy, Schenectady and Saratoga Counties of New York.

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