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The Case for Security Cameras in Public… Or Not

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Almost every business these days, especially the retail establishments have security cameras.  Many times walking into a store all one needs to do is look up and see themselves on the video screen.

Yet in our part of the country most public places we go, we are free to wander about without big brother or some other entity watching our every move.  Granted there may be satellites in the sky, but for this discussion I am referring to public security cameras which are mounted on poles or buildings.

Earlier this week while chairing a committee on government technology, I had a surprise after I left the meeting.  As I was about to put papers in my trunk, I noticed glass at my feet.  Apparently someone had backed into my car and made the decision to just leave rather than manning up and taking responsibility for their actions.  While this facility has internal security cameras monitoring critical areas, there are no cameras in the parking area.

I wonder what this person would be thinking if law enforcement showed up at their door with a warrant regarding their hit and run action?  Mistakes and accidents happen and as tough as it may be, we need to take responsibility for our actions and accept the medicine which comes along with it.

Perhaps I will make a recommendation that this facility should have cameras monitoring parking lot activities.  The unfortunate part (other that the aggravation, costs, and inconvenience to me), is that because of the lawlessness and inconsiderate actions of one person, others may now be subject to the eye in the sky!

This article was written by The Boss of HITman Services, a computer and IT company, based in Clifton Park and serving the Albany, Troy, Schenectady and Saratoga Counties of New York.

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