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Real World Test of the Samsung Fascinate Part 2

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

One of the first things I noticed after using the Samsung Fascinate for a while was how quickly the battery was being consumed.  In addition to the spare battery I purchased from the Verizon store in Clifton Park, NY, I decided to purchase another spare battery.  This provided me with always having a fully charged battery available even on long days without needing to find an outlet.

The first Android app I loaded was Touchdown, which is a program that synchronizes Android phones with a Microsoft Exchange server.  As our company uses Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, SharePoint and several other software programs from Microsoft, it was very important that the phone ties seamlessly in with our current system.  Other apps loaded included an anti-virus program, Kindle for Android, Fox News and a system monitor.  I also purchased a copy of LogMeIn Ignition.

On the second day of my of my trip I needed to add a new rule to my Outlook 2010 to assist with a security issue.  I used LogMeIn Ignition to remote into my computer and while using an Android device to control a computer is certainly not as easy as using a mouse or track-pad, I was able to accomplish my task in a relatively short time.

The 3G reception was very spotty where we stayed, but I was always able to get to the Internet.  The browsing experience on the Fascinate is very good, far superior to Windows Professional 6.51 or BlackBerrys and only lacking in its inability to view Flash (at least for the current moment).

There was one evening when two calls went directly to voicemail, this also happened to someone else in my party who was using an Apple iPhone 4 and I attribute this to an issue with reception.  Making calls from the same location that evening went out properly.

I used the camera and video quite a bit and both performed flawlessly.  The many camera settings added some very nice enhancements to the photos I took.

Part 3 to be released soon.

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Fascinated for a Week Part 1

Friday, October 8th, 2010

For my summer retreat this year I was considering going minimalistic, sans notebook computer.  As I was going to be away for eight days, it was important the device I would bring was up to the task.  My smartphone days go back to when Palm dominated the industry, so I have a fair amount of experience when it comes to PDA’s and smartphones.

A couple of weeks before going I had concerns that the smartphone I was using at the time, a Samsung Omnia II, wouldn’t be sufficient if indeed I did not travel with a notebook.  Thus my search for a new PDA started.  As Mr. T (aka Mike) was also looking for a new phone, we hit the Verizon Wireless store together after lunch at Panera Bread in Clifton Park.

We focused on four phones, the HTC Incredible, the Samsung Fascinate, the Motorola Droid 2, and Motorola Droid X. We didn’t look at the BlackBerry Tour, Storm 2 or Palm Pre as I previously had those and Mr. T had a Storm.

While I like physical keyboards, I wasn’t thrilled with the one on the Droid 2, also when comparing the screen size to the Fascinate and Droid X, it was lacking.  Mr. T was of the same opinion.  The speed on the incredible was impressive, as was Swype, though with the smaller 3.7″ screen, it was at a disadvantage.

That left Motorola’s Droid X to battle it out with the Samsung Fascinate. Both Mr. T and I thought the display on the Fascinate was superior.  We were also a little concerned that the Droid X was just a tad too large. The fact that the Fascinate had Swype was icing on the cake.  Each of us decided that was the phone to get.

Stay tuned for part 2.

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