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Working the Computer Repair Frontline

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

As one of our IT tech’s was unable to work yesterday in our Clifton Park computer repair office, I had the opportunity to work directly with many of our walk-in customers.  Normally I only see the numbers and computers in the repair area and get to only briefly say hello or thank you to our customers.

It was wonderful talking with so many of our residential customers.  While I typically don’t work on residential desktops, I did for several of our customers as it allowed them to use their computers without experiencing any downtime.  And being one of the owners, I provided their computer service free of charge.

Sometimes it’s good to get back into the trenches for a little while.

This article was written by The Boss of HITman Services, a computer and IT company serving the Albany, Troy, Schenectady and Saratoga Counties of New York.

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Are You Really Committed to Success?

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Today in Clifton Park, NY we are experiencing the after effects of a major snow storm which never showed.  I don’t know how much money was lost, but the number of businesses which weren’t open and the number of people who didn’t show up for work is mind boggling.

As our company does a lot of website development, some of our team worked from home, but our office was staffed.  We were open from a little before 8:30 am and are still open past 5:30 pm.

For lunch I was suppose to have a business meeting at a locally owned restaurant.  As the restaurant was closed, we ended up at a franchise.  While walking to the restaurant I noticed several other locally owned stores closed, yet the big box stores were open.  It must be that the franchises and big box stores believe they offer a valuable service to their customers!

Yesterday I was talking with a salesman who was all concerned about the coming storm.  I guess he bought into all the news hype.  That makes me think; how did the newscasters get to work if it was so treacherous?  Maybe they own Snow Cats!

We also had a customer call in yesterday to cancel their appointment for today.  The ironic part of that is this company is in their off season and a business meeting would have been a great use of their time.

Contrasting all of this to a friend and business associate of mine.  He sent me a copy of an email which went out to his employees letting everyone know about the promotions which would be occurring over the next several weeks.  One person in particular stood out as this man had sales which were literally off the chart.  Anyone in any type of business would be beaming if they sold in the numbers that he had.  And the industry he is in is seasonal and subject to weather conditions.

When asked almost everyone says they’re committed to success, but when it comes right down to it, few really are.

This article was written by The Boss of HITman Services, a computer and IT company serving the Albany, Troy, Schenectady and Saratoga Counties of New York.

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Staff Night at the Movies

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Last night most of us went to see Iron man 2.  The movie was very enjoyable and worth the price.

Being computer guys, it was great seeing all the technology used in the film.  Now if we could only have some of that in real life.

We saw it at the Bow Tie Cinemas in Schenectady as that is fairly close to our office in Clifton Park.  The theater also does not bombard viewers with commercials.  The screen and sound quality are also exceptional.

The staff at Bow Tie Movieland 6 was very pleasant and held some of our tickets at the front counter for those who weren’t able to make it to the theater early.

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