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Does Google Ever Fail?

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

The short answer is yes; and most recently earlier this month.  The software:  Google Wave.  If you haven’t heard about it don’t feel too badly as it never created the buzz Google was looking for.

About a year ago, Google came out with a product called Google Wave. It was touted as a real-time collaboration and communication system. Google Wave comprised all forms of Web 2.0 including; instant messaging, wikis, social media, chat, email, and more.

The issue is that Google Wave just hasn’t taken off. People have not taken to it the way they have with Facebook.  Google will continue to provide the service until the end of the year. While Wave may be down for the count, there’s always another match not too far in the distance, and I can’t imagine Google giving up.

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Intelligence Increase or Decrease?

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Is technology helping us to become smarter, or dumbing us down?

It wasn’t long ago when everyone had phone numbers memorized and could rattle them off at the drop of a hat.  How many numbers do you remember right now?  If you lost your cell phone would you be able to call ten or twelve family members or friends from memory?  Does this free our mind for other more important items, or reduce our capacity for remembering?

Google is great, but what happens when we can’t connect?  When you Google something do you learn about and internalize it, or just read it?

Do you try to figure solutions on your own or just go to the computer and use Google?  Does using Google reduce our puzzle-solving competency or reduce the time to resolution, freeing us up?

Have we lost our creative ability or does surfing the Internet spur our creative juices?

We rely so heavily on our computers, BlackBerrys, iPhones, and Google, many people almost go into a breakdown if they are unable to use these devices.  What would happen and how would we live if we didn’t have these available to us 24 hours a day?

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3 More Things Don Corleone Could Learn From The Boss at HITman Services About Google Search

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

1)      Don Corleone wants to find out how the 1,000,000 shares of the Olive Garden are doing, so he types in DRI in the Google address bar.

2)      While watching Fox News, The Don heard the word meretricious and wanted to know what it meant.  He typed in define: meretricious in the Google search bar to get the definition.

3)      As the Godfather’s staff is tied up and he needs some additional support he types in “hitman service ~professional” in the Google search bar.  The ~ (tilde) instructs Google to look for words which are similar to professional.

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3 Things Don Corleone Could Learn From The Boss at HITman Services About Google Search

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

1)     Don Corleone receives a call on his cell phone (his mobile phone, not the phone in his cell) and he wants to check out who called.  In the Google search bar he could type phonebook:714-867-5309 because that is the number of the person who called him. (Note this only works for residences and published numbers.)

2)    Don Corleone now decides he needs more information about where this person lives, so he types in the area code 714 into the Google search bar.

3)    Later in the day Don Corleone needs to calculate the vig (interest payment on a loan).  In the Google search bar he types in 253500 which is the amount of the loan, the * and .08 which is the weekly interest rate.

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