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Do You Have a Plastic Mistress?

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Many people take 7/24 and 365 a little too seriously.  Granted the majority of us want to provide the best service possible for those we work for, but we also have families, need to eat, should be exercising, and many of us attend a church or synagogue.

Is that BlackBerry or iPhone in your pocket taking precedence over everything else?  Do you ever turn it off?  While these devices can be a great asset, they need to be used in their proper places and at the right times.  Recently I caught myself using my BlackBerry while watching a movie at home.

If your having dinner with family or friends, turn off or silence your phone or PDA.  Putting it on vibrate is still an interruption.  In our always on, give it to me now world, it is important we take a break and give our minds some off time.  It will not only help you, your spouse or significant other will surely appreciate it.

Enjoy Valentine’s Day – without your little friend.

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