Let Technology Help You

BlackBerry’s, iPhones, Google’s android and other smart-phones are great for keeping journal entries.  While you can certainly purchase specific applications, creating either a note or a daily appointment works great for monitoring your progress.

Assign different ring tones to your cell phone so you will be able to distinguish if the phone needs to be answered.

Turn off the phone while reading, meditating, concentrating or exercising.  Everyone needs “me” time.

If you’re driving and the weather is not good or the traffic is heavy, turn the cell phone off.  A distraction for even the briefest of moments could contribute to an incident.

Set your email not to automatically send and receive email.  Take control by manually checking your email when it is convenient for you.  Set aside specific times of the day which work best for your schedule.

Think before you press the send or submit button.  Make sure the message you are sending will be beneficial.

While technology is great, it is meant to compliment our lives, not intrude upon them.

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