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Virus, Spyware and Malware Removal

Sitting in your home you might be physically safe but if you are surfing on the Internet without the proper protection you are looking for trouble.

Here are a few of the problems you could be prone to: viruses worms spyware bots phishing pornography identity theft Trojans and spoofed websites.

In order for a computer to become infected with a virus the virus needs to be run or executed. Viruses can tag along with music movies or other programs which are downloaded. This is one of the reasons we strongly recommend against having file or music sharing software on your computer.

The writers of viruses can be very devious. Sometimes email messages are used to lure a person to open what may seem to be an innocent photo or an important and valid link but hiding inside is a virus. Other times hackers take advantage of a flaw in software which allows the virus to be run.

A computer infected with a virus can have disastrous results ranging from sending out to messages to stealing information. Once infected email or your entire computer can come to a grinding halt. Businesses or ISP’s scanning for viruses may reject your email if your computer is infected. The virus could also be used to attack other computers or websites putting the blame on you. Viruses can also delete or make data on your computer un-readable. A virus could send out an embarrassing email in your name to everyone in your email list. Viruses can be pretty nasty.

Trojan horses typically contain software which has the ability to allow a hacker or criminal to take control of your computer. Trojans can record keystrokes including the websites you visit your user names and passwords. Once they have this information it is sent to a hacker or criminal organization. Imagine the devastation from accessing your bank account or pay online service and discover at a later time money was transferred from your account.

Do you have an Internet camera attached to your computer? Maybe on your notebook? Could it be in an area which would take private video? An infected computer could be controlled by a person with ill-intent turn the camera and microphone on. Then it could save or stream the video over the Internet. Typically not a pretty picture.

A worm works like a virus but does not need another program to run as they have the ability to recreate or clone themselves.

Installing a high quality anti-virus program is a start but it must be kept up-to-date. Many of the programs today do this for you automatically if you have a broadband connection.

Be careful with emails. Don't open any attachment unless you are absolutely sure it is safe or you are willing to gamble your data on it. Don’t respond to email you think is spam. Report or delete them. And never click a link in an email unless you are willing to deal with the potential aftermath.

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We recommend HITman Pro to remove threats from your PC.

HITman Services Consumer Awareness Malware Guide

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